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Use a VPN After the Repeal of Net Neutrality to Protect Yourself

This is an extremely interesting topic to me. Personally, I am all for little to no government involvement at all times. The US government’s motto is, “For the people”, or some crap like that, but we all know…

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15 Reasons to Use a VPN

15 reasons to use a vpn

Are you looking for reasons to use VPN? Okay, you think you are a law abiding, ordinary citizen and there is no need for you to sign up for a VPN service. What could go wrong? Who would…

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Best WordPress Theme Development Workflow

  So everyone is clear, this is MY best WordPress theme development workflow. This is not the be all, end all of WordPress workflows and you may absolutely hate it. That’s fine. I would encourage you to do…

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10 Ways Your Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO Ranking

Today businesses compete online with each other. Battles are won and lost based on the ability to capture audience attention. So achieving SEO success is a top priority for every business. However, SEO ranking depends on multiple factors….

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Overplay Review: Smart DNS + VPN

overplay smart dns vpn review

Rating: To be clear this rating is given based on both the VPN and Smart DNS being used together, not one without the other. OverPlay Smart DNS + VPN Review: 2018 Update Welcome to this review of OverPlay,…

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